Brandon Barash Net Worth

Who is Brandon Barash and what is his net worth 2018? Brandon Joseph Barash is an America-based actor who was born on October 4th, 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is known for his role of Johnny Zacchara on the TV show General Hospital. He was not having any kind of interest in acting as he was having an aspiration of becoming a cardiac surgeon. He also had the aspirations to play basketball as he underwent a knee surgery to play basketball for his college team. Brandon then got a BFA degree in Acting. Till this time he had worked in several theater productions.

He also got trained from Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop. He is in entertainment field since last 15 years, but he hasn’t established his name full. There are many followers around the world that really like his acting, but there are many people too, who don’t even know him. For the people who really like him and would like to know more about him, here we are exploring his net worth and other aspects of his life. So let’s just not wait more time and know about him more.

Brandon Barash Net Worth 2018-2019

Brandon Barash Net Worth

As he is in this film industry from last 15 years, but he has failed to impress many people and thus have lagged behind many of his competitors. He has worked in several TV shows and TV movies but the amount that he has fetched from his bosses does not match with his talent. The net worth of this star would be just about $1.5 million. This amount is pretty low for a TV personality who has been working in the same field for so long. Though he is very hard working and he may work very hard in coming years and may bring a great growth in his net worth.

As mentioned above, he is not having a really big salary and he is not having a big net worth, thus it seems that he doesn’t spend a lot of money on materialistic things. There isn’t a single report available about him owning a car or a house. And for a person, who hasn’t even owned a car, can’t own any other asset probably, because we are not sure of him owning any other expensive asset either. It is possible that he has his own car and house but unfortunately, it is not listed anywhere, so we are not sure about the exact status of him owning anything luxurious.

In a long career of 15 years, the actor has appeared in several TV shows and TV movies till now. People like his acting in various roles that he plays. Here is the list of TV shows and TV movies that he has appeared in, in his career of 15 years:

• Gilmore Girls – He played the role of Jamie in this show in the year 2002.
• Threat Matrix – In 2003, he played the role of Marine#1 in this show
• The West Wing – In 2003 again, he played the role of Bret in the show
• 24- In 2005, he played the role of CTU tech Brandon in the show.
• Crash landing – In 2005 again, he played Roger in the film.
• Intellectual Property – In 2005 again, he played the role of Jenny’s Boyfriend in the film.
• NCIS – In 2006, he played the role of Derrick Paulson in the show.
• Ten Inch Hero – In 2007, he played the role of Stud in the film.
• Tell me you love me- In 2007 again, he played the role of Frank in the show.
• General hospital – This show gave him recognition and it completed last year, he played Johnny Zacchara in the show.
• The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor day telethon – He was the co-host of the show in the year 2010.
• Bones – In 2013, he played Storm in the show.
• Major Crimes – From 2014-16, he played Detective Robby Oderno in the show.
• The Unauthorized Melrose Place story – In 2015, he played Thomas Calabro in the film.
• Timeless – In 2017, he played Ernest Hemingway in the show.

These were all his movies and shows that he took part in.

Brandon is the son of Businessman Jerry L. Barash and her mother name is Susan gale. He has two more siblings named Jordan Barash and Alison Barash.