Bob Mortimer Net Worth 2019

Who is Bob Mortimer and what is his net worth 2019? With his hilarious jokes and whimsical act, he cracked up everyone he ever came across. He is none other than the greatest comedian of all time Robert Renwick Mortimer, popularly known by his stage name Bob Mortimer. He is widely known for his stand-up comedy in his native land England and as well as internationally. This comedian started his first comedy programme along with his long time business partner, comedian Vic Reeves in 1986.

Mortimer’s comedy is a fusion of surreal, visually and orally creative material with traditional comedy including various acts such as violence, cartoonish slapsticks and often improvised banters and purposefully corny and cheesy jokes. He is widely known for his rapid fire jokes which are sometimes hard to get. He was signed in the animated series ‘Popetown’ due to the versatility of his voice which aired in BBC Three to voice the characters of Father Nicholas.

Bob Mortimer Net Worth

Early Life

The Comedian Actor was born on 23rd May 1959 in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. At a tender age, he lost his father, who was a biscuit salesman, to a car crash. Hence, Mortimer and his three brothers were single-handedly brought up by their mother Eunice Mortimer. He was included in the list of the top 50 British comedians alongside Ricky Gervais. Mortimer is a huge fan of Middlesbrough F.C. He even considered football as his career choice but couldn’t continue due to his Rheumatoid arthritis.

After a long time Mortimer finally tied the knot with his partner of 22 years Lisa Mathews in October 2015. They have two sons Harry and Tom born on 1997 and 1998, respectively.

Education: Bob Mortimer did complete his schooling from Acklam High School, Middlesbrough. At the time when he was in school, he was very interested in sports and even went on for a trail of the professional football club in Middlesbrough. But he couldn’t take up football as a profession due to sever condition of arthritis. He also excelled in academics, he scored three A- levels in school and later he went to study law in universities of Sussex and Leicester.

Net Worth of Bob Mortimer

The net worth of Bob Mortimer is $5.7 million. The shows with Vic Reeves earned him a lot of acclamation.

In 1986, the comedian started his own business with Vic Reeves, appearing in the television series that became popular in England. They made their first television show together, Vic Reeves Big Night Out in 1989. With various acts on display from physical comedy to childish banters the show remained true to its nightclub act’s variety show format. Later they created a one-off pilot for a sitcom ‘The Weekenders’ in 1992. And then in 1993 they created ‘The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer’ and Shooting Stars, a comedy panel show that ran for five series.

In 1999 they appeared in another sketch comedy show called, ‘Bang Bang, Its Reeves and Mortimer’. In 2003 in British Comedy, Mortimer and Reeves were the ones who were listed as one of the 50 funniest acts in ‘The Observer’. A poll was initiated to locate the ‘Comedians’ Comedian’ in 2005. They were voted as the 9th greatest comedy act of all time by fellow comedians and fans.

In November 2007, they appeared on a radio sketch show BBC Radio 2, named Vic Reeves House arrest.

And on February 2008, Reeves announced that he and Mortimer were working together on a new sitcom. And on November 2013 the duo filmed episodes on new sitcoms named House of Fools, featuring Matt Berry, Morgana Robinson and Dan Skinner. Mortimer also owns the Pett Production with Vic Reeves and Lisa Clark. He also starred in various single acts comedy and appeared on various TV shows. As of 2016, Mortimer has co-hosted a weekly podcast alongside Andy Dawson. He also appeared solo on the comedy section of ‘Ducks Quack, Don’t Echo.’