Bob Denver Net Worth

Who was Bob Denver and what is his net worth? In every conversation about American comic actors, Bob Denver is a name that definitely pops up! Respectively attributed for his role as Gilligan on the acclaimed television series, ‘Gilligan’s Island’, Bob won the ‘Pop Culture Award’ in the 2nd annual TV Land Awards held in the year 2004. A year later, he was taken away from this planet owing to Cancer and heart problems.

Bob’s career in the acting industry spans over a whopping 40 years, and his remarkable appearances in movies and TV shows alike are not something this will world will forget. Just to name a few, Bob has starred in hits like a Private’s Affair, Baywatch, The Good Guys, The Many Loves of Dobbie Gills, Dusty’s Trail, Take Her She’s Mine, and more.

Bob Denver Net Worth

Bob Denver entered this world on the 9th of January of the year 1935. His birth name was Robert Osbourne Denver with his birthplace being New Rochelle, New York. His acting career kickstarted while he was already pursuing law at Loyola University, Los Angeles. After leaving behind his former dream of being an attorney, Bob delighted the world with his talent and wits for 4 decades.

However, Bob’s work life did witness a fair amount of variations. After being a cashier in a grocery store, a mailman for the U.S. Postal service, and then a gym instructor in a high school, Denver finally moved onto the path destined to define him as an all-time great actor. Bob’s married life experiences its fair share of hiccups as well. He gave marriage a shot for a total of 4 times. After bearing two children with Maggie Ryan, his first wife, he later divorced her in 1996 and went on to marry Jean Webber in the following year.

However, eventually, Jean Webber was also sent aboard the divorce train. Carole Abrahams became the next woman that Bob would marry, and divorce yet again after a couple of years. Nonetheless, Bob Denver did settle down with Dreama Peery and also had a kid with her. Dreama stayed on to be Bob’s wife until his very last breath!

For Denver, entry into the world of acknowledgment and fame started when he landed his first big role in a CBS show, ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis’. On that show, he played the part of ‘lazy beatnik Maynard G. Krebs’.

He further solidified his name with his signature character of ‘Gilligan’ that he played in a number of different projects. He starred as ‘Gilligan’ in Baywatch, Meego, ALF, The New Gidget, Gilligan’s Island, The New Adventures of Gilligan, and Gilligan’s Planet. Furthermore, Denver went on with doing his work and brought home a lot more roles that decorate his filmography today. Physically dead at 70, Bob Denver is a man who will forever stay alive for making the world chuckle and smile.

Bob Denver Net Worth

Denver was a wealthy man with a net worth of $20 million US dollars. He made his earnings from the successful shows and movies which he was a part of, and it not only made him a wealthy person money-wise but made him rich in context of the love that he received from his fans worldwide.

Bob Denver set another example of following your dreams and passion with hard work and dedication. He made himself immortal with his role as ‘Gilligan’ in the hearts of millions of people. Despite his several failed marriages, Bob did really well in his acting career and made people laugh out loud with his gratifying performances.