Billy Zane Net Worth

Who is Billy Zane and what is his net worth 2018? Billy Zane, the famous Titanic actor is a prominent American producer and actor. He played the role of Caledon Hockley (Cal), the sociopath fiance of Rose. His full name is William George “Billy” Zane, Jr. He started out in 1985 with the famous trilogy series of “Back to the Future”.

Zane was born on February 24, 1966 to Greek descents William and Thalia in Chicago, Illinois. Zane’s parents were also actors, though amateurs. They founded a school for medical technicians. Their original surname was “Zanikopoulos” which was later anglicised to Zane by them. There is one more actor in the family Lisa Zane, sister of Billy Zane. She is also a singer. Zane studied in The American School in Switzerland in Switzerland. He graduated from Francis W. Parker School (Chicago). He later went to the famous performing arts camp named “Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts” to learn acting.

Billy Zane Net Worth

Billy got married to the actress Lisa Collins in the year 1989 and got divorced in 1995. Later, he got engaged to Leonor Varela who was his co-star in the miniseries Cleopatra which aired in 1999. He then dated British model turned actress Kelly Brook who also starred with him in the movie Survival Islands popularly known as “Three”.

He got engaged with her too, to marry her. However, they broke up before their marriage could happen. In 2010, he again started dating Croatian model Jasmina Hdagha but broke up later that year. Currently he is engaged to Candice Neil, an American model who he met through a common friend. She is the mother of his two daughters Ava Catherine and Gia.

Zane’s career started with the science fiction trilogy “Back to the Future” in 1985 followed by Critters, a movie of the same genre. In the same year, he did a music video of Sheena Easton’s song “Do It For Love”. Back to the Future II released in 1989 which made his position stable in the industry.

With the thriller Dead Calm in 1989, he attained the international recognition where he played the role of villain Hughie Warriner. Zane did a lot of science fiction films. His first independent movie was a low budget science fiction thriller named Megaville.

Some noteworthy television works are also in his bucket list. The famous Lynch’s television series “Twin Peaks” had him in the role of John Justice Wheeler in the year 1991. He starred in the first of Sniper series in 1993 and then with the latest in 2017. He played a henchman of Satan in 1995 American action comedy horror film directed by Ernest Dickerson. He also has a comedy genre movie to his credit. Zane was in a comedy drama CQ and then again in Lee Falk’s comic inspired action movie “The Phantom”.

Then came one of his most noted performance that is of Caledon Hockley popularly known as Cal, a sociopath and an arrogant millionaire who was the fiance of Rose played by Kate Winslet in 1997 blockbuster Titanic. This movie got him many accolades and praises.

Billy Zane was cast in the television mini series “Cleopatra” where he played “Mark Antony”. After that for the major part of his career from 2000 he gave appearances in many films and TV series like Charmed, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Valley of the Wolves Iraq, Samantha Who? and many more.

He worked as a voice over artist for the video game “Kingdom Hearts” in 2002 for the main antagonist. Recently, he did two movies from the Sniper series that is Sniper: Ghost Shooter(2016) and Sniper: Ultimate Kill(2017) as Richard Miller. He is a principal at RadioactiveGiant. It is film and television production and distribution company.

He was nominated in “Best Villain” category in MTV Movie Award for the celebrated romantic-tragic saga Titanic. SAG Awards also gave him the nomination for same.

Billy Zane Net Worth

Billy Zane, was involved with numerous low and high budget movies and television series all through his career from 1985 till today. His net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $23 million.

He will always be remembered as the famous “Cal” from the Titanic movie and “Match” from Back to Future trilogy. His works were incredibly good and noteworthy.