Bill Hader Net Worth

Who is Bill Hader and what is his net worth 2018? WILLIAM THOMAS HADER JR. is popularly known as BILL HADER. He is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, and writer. He is quite famous and has received three Emmy nominations for his work on Saturday Night Live, South Park and Documentary Now. He has done fantastic acting as a supporting actor in comedy films like You, Me and Dupree, Hot Rod, Superbad, Tropic Thunder. He has also had lead roles in Dramedy The Skeleton Twins, and the romantic comedy Trainwreck.

Bill Hader was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the son of Sherri Renee and William Thomas Hader. His father would occasionally act as a standup comedian whereas his mother was a dance teacher. He attended Patrick Henry Elementary School, Edison Junior School, and Cascia Hall Preparatory school. Since his early childhood, he was more always attracted towards amusements rather study and thus had a rough time in school. Since he never really fit into the class, he started reading books and watching movies. In 2006, he married writer-director Maggie Carey. They have three children.

Bill Hader Net Worth 2018-2019

He dropped out in the middle of his college to become a filmmaker and moved to Los Angles in 1999. His parents were supportive of his decision and he spent the money he had saved for his college. Most of the adulthood was lonely and unemployed. He first started working as a Production Assistant in The Hollywood Reporter. He had to do an 18 hours job per day at that time.

He also worked in various movies as a production assistant but he quit being a PA after having a bad experience in The Scorpion King. Then he found a job as a nighttime assistant editor at post-production facility Triage Entertainment. He also invested money into his own short films but was too embarrassed to release it.

After a longtime relationship breakup, he joined a comedy class which proved to be a productive outlet for him. After that, he formed a comedy group named Animals from the Future. Doing great in comedy, this group became famous and was invited to Saturday Night Live. After the audition, Hader was appointed as assistant editor on Iron Chef America.

In SNL, he played the role of a psychologist, giving his views about life and death during an emergency landing in JetBlue Airways Flight 292. After that, he got many awards for his acting. Despite this, he suffered from anxiety and sleep problems during his program. He was neurotic about his programs. Finally, in 2013, he left SNL due to family problems.

After his film debut in You, Me and Dupree, he got a wide range of roles in various movies. His work was so fine that, his roles were remembered rather than the movies. He also made several short films including Back in the Day, Sounds good to me, The Jeanne Tate show.

He has been a creative consultant and producer on South Park since the show’s 12th season. He has also hosted the 2011 and 2012 seasons of Essentials Jr. on Turner Classic Movies. In 2013 he replaced Robert Downey Jr. as the voice of Mr. Peanut.

He has achieved a lot of awards including a Primetime Emmy Award for South Park, American comedy Award for Saturday Night Live, MTV Movie Award for The Skeleton Twins.

Bill Hader Net Worth

Having a net worth of $10 million, Hader is perhaps one of the richest celebrities. His sources of income are from his acting, numerous brand endorsements, production house and his contribution as a writer for South Park.His sponsorships and brand endorsements alone add up to a humongous $209,150 of his yearly earnings.

Bill Hader has been a source of inspiration for the next kin of actors in Hollywood stemming from non-acting families. He is one of the few oppressed actors who has reached the zenith by sheer determination, perseverance, and hard work and is an idol for several of his followers and youth actors.