Ben Kingsley Net Worth

Who is Ben Kingsley and what is his net worth 2018? The Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley is best known for his role as Mahatma Gandhi in ‘Gandhi’ released in 1982. It was also one of those iconic characters which received quite a few awards including; Oscar, Academy Award, BAFTA for the leading role, Golden Globe for best actor in 1982, and India’s greatest honor Padma Shri in 1984. Ben was also honored with the title of Knight Bachelor in 2002 at Buckingham Palace for his contribution to the British cinema.

Born in 1943 Krishna Bhanji whom we all know as Ben Kingsley, was born in Britain. He is the son of a Gujarati Indian doctor Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji, and a British actress and model, Anna Lyna Mary. Ben spent most of his childhood in Britain, near Manchester in Pendlebury. Ben married thrice before marrying Daniela lavender, who is also his current wife, whom he married in 2007. He first married Angela Morant in 1966, but sadly their marriage only lasted for 10 years. In 1978, he married Alison Sutcliffe, which also was unable to last long, and they soon took a divorce in 1992.

Ben Kingsley Net Worth 2018-2019

He took his time to marry Alexandra Christmas his third wife, whom he married in 2003 but didn’t quite continue it for more than two years as pictures of her kissing another man surfaced on the internet. Kingsley has four kids Jasmine and Thomas from his first wife Angela Morant and two sons by the name of Ferdinand and Edmund from her second wife Alison Sutcliffe.

Education: He completed his early education from Manchester Grammar School, where Robert Powell was one of his classmates. Later he spent some time at University of Salford and Pendlebury University, which later evolved into Ben Kingsley Theater. In his early days he became an amateur dramatist to explore his art in Manchester. Throughout his career, he is known to have dedicated 14 years of his life to theatre.

It was during this period that he decided to change his name, and adopted his father’s nickname ‘Benji’ and converted it as Ben. He also feared that his Indian name might tamper his career in the industry because of stereotypes.

Ben Kingsley Net Worth

Working in the industry for almost 40 years now, Ben’s splendid acting talent is doing nothing less than fuelling his fortune. The actor has a net worth value of $62 million.

Like his title ‘Sir’ Ben likes to feel like a royalty living in his three acres, country house designed and architecture by Michael Pardon. The house was designed in a savoured taste of 19 century, and costs around $36 million. Kingsley was knighted here in the living room of this house, in 2002. Almost everything in the house screams money, and it is mostly handpicked from around the world to preserve the essence of 19 century in order to make it as authentic as possible.

Apart from being a part of theater, he also actively acted in TV series. The actor is also known for his intense husky voice, which is one of the reason we can hear him voicing so many different characters in various animated movies like ‘Bagheera’ in Jungle Book. He also voiced for Lionhead Studios as ‘Sabine’ for a video game project. He also offered us his voice talent for Ceremony of Innocence which is a video game which released in 1997. Apart from acting, he is also honoured to be a member of the jury at several Film Festivals.

Ben Kingsley is blessing to the world of theater and art. The way he resonates into his characters makes him look like a masterpiece on the screen. From his portrayal of his role to his dialogue delivery everything vibrates exquisiteness. From depicting roles of evil villains to peace maker Gandhi, Kingsley never fails to do justice to his characters.