Bart Kwan Net Worth

Bart Kwan is renowned as an actor and writer, acknowledged for JustKiddingFilms, released in year 2007, recognized as a youtube channel which accepts contemporary, social, and cultural concerns through a comedic edge. His notable contributions are Gun Fu and She Has a Boyfriend. Net worth of Bart Kwan is high in millions, get more details here:

Bart Kwan Biography

Kwan and his partner named Joe Jo started JKF when studying at University of California, located in Los Angeles. Basically, he belonged to Monterey Park, in California. His creation i.e. JustKiddingFilms is recognized as a comedic occurrence recognized to unabashedly challenge contemporary, social, as well as cultural issues, while inventively apprehending and performing to worldwide sentiments. It is revealed that they strike outstanding balance amongst stimulating as well as entertaining, gathering them a global fan base of around 350 million views as well as 1,600,000+ subscribers on platform of YouTube.

Bart Kwan Net Worth 2017-2018

Basically, the JustKidding name originated from JustKiddingFilms to JustKiddingParty as well as JustKiddingNews. Right on his self-titled based channel, Kwan has more than 600,000 subscribers. He along with Joe have collaborated on Fast and the Furious based actor named Sung Kang formerly. He with his friend as well as eventual business companion named Joe Jo struck on an idea of launching a youtube channel when they were yet studying.

They created JustKiddingFilms which concentrated on comedy as well as other kinds of video based shorts. They made use of channel to challenge trends as well as modern topics which fascinated the consideration of many people. While they sustained creating content, they perceived that subscribers to as well as activity right on their channel too rose, assisting them boosting their net worth. From year 2007, all of them have done more than 300 shorts on channel as well as have turned out as guests on additional channels too.

Other than their channel, Kwan has be a part of shorts known as “Gun Fu” and “626”. Moreover, he has too become part of film entitled as “Suika and Kwan”. For TV, this actor has been recognized to make appearance in episodes of “Cholo Adventures” and “The Comment Show”. Through high production value required for its videos, Kwan has too conscripted the assistance of many people who have turned out as channel’s staff. Majority of them function with camera, for post-production, or they are presented in many channel shorts.

Discussing his personal life, it is revealed that from the time the actor began this channel; he finally presented and featured Geovanna Antoinette. Also, Geo was girlfriend of him in that time. Presently, they are married and occasionally accomplish shorts on this show collectively. Moreover, Bart carries out bodybuilding as well as likes tattoos, the way perceived in his videos. He generally puts on Barbell Brigade based gym shirt which several venture is a commendation for that place. The actor got married to Geovanna Antoinette in year 2015.

How much is Bart Kwan Net worth in 2017

Bart Kwan is widely recognized as an American based social media personality, director and writer, possessing net worth of $2.5 million US dollars as of 2017. Kwan is greatest known on account of his youtube channel named JustKiddingFilms, adding to his income. He and partner named Joe Jo created it when they were studying. The particular brand had feast to comprise JustKiddingParty as well as JustKiddingNews. As of year 2014, Kwan possesses nearly 2.5 million subscribers on his channels. More than 300 JustKiddingFilms shorts were produced since year 2007. His attempts in social media actually placed his net worth to the position it is today.

Apart from this, Kwan too has one self-titled based channel that possesses about 500,000 subscribers. In general, this channels that he has intricate in having more than 125 million views, through numbers boosting per day.

Bart Kwan got global fame by starting and appearing in JustKiddingFilms, which he founded along with his friend while studying. He has other youtube channels too that possesses millions of views.