Barkhad Abdi Net Worth 2018

Who is Barkhad Abdi and what is his net worth 2018? Barkhad Abdi is a well known personality all over the world. He is indeed a multi talented and is a renowned Somali- American actor and director. He is a renowned personality and has been a part of many popular films. His versatile skills are instrumental in helping him achieve fame and heights in life. He is indeed popular among the crowds and has a huge fan following because of his stunning looks.

Early Life

We don’t have much information about his family history, culture and background..All we know is that he was born in the year 1985 . We don’t have information about his parents, siblings, etc. But it seems that his parents played an instrumental role in shaping his career in Hollywood Industry.

Barkhad Abdi Net Worth

We dont have any information about his dating history and past relationships. There is inadequate information regarding his current relationship status and we cannot be sure of his number of girlfriends. Probably he is currently single but we don’t have proper facts to validate that information.


He started his career with the debut film in the year 2013 for the film Captain Phillips. He played the role of ship hijacker and pirate leader namely Abduwali Muse. He has performed various lead roles in various films. Apart from that, in the year 2014, he got a major performing role in a famous series namely Hawaii Five-0.

Also, in the following year, Barkhad Abdi appeared in a thriller film namely Eye in the Sky and The Brothers Grimsby. These popular roles were a feather in his cap and helped him to gain recognition among his colleagues ad critics.

There are innumerable awards and achievements in her career. He has achieved indefeasible feats in his career and has a major fan following. Did you know that he made his debut film namely Captain Phillips in 2013 for which he received various film award nominations including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor? No wonder that he is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood Industry.

Net Worth of Barkhad Abdi

Barkhad Abdi estimated net worth accounts to $200 Thousand. There are various reasons which account to his increased net worth. However, the ultimate reason that contributes to his increased net worth is his stunning looks and confident personality. Also, his ability to perform different types of roles adds to his net earnings. Indeed, he is a popular face in Hollywood Industry and this adds to his overall income.

He holds the potential to achieve great heights in the arena of his interest. Undoubtedly, he is an inspiration to many youngsters who wish to achieve ultimate fame in their lives. Apart from that, he is extremely humble and his kind attitude makes him stand out in the crowd. Despite achieving so much in life, his compassionate demeanour is worth an applause. His vigour and enthusiasm to keep going is indeed a motivation for the youngsters.