Austin Butler Net Worth

Who is Austin Butler and what is his net worth 2018? Austin Robert Butler or Austin Butler is an America-based actor and singer who was born on August 17th, 1991. He has played plenty of roles that are worth remembering in a short span of his career. His roles in Switched at Birth, Ruby & the Rockits, Life Unexpected and The Carrie diaries were appreciated and loved by everyone. He is regarded as one of the most talented young actors.

He is just 25 years old and he has been working in the movie and music industry since last 12 years. So basically he started his career when he was at the age of 13. He was approached by one of the background acting Management Company, which helped him step into the entertainment industry. Though initially, he wasn’t having any kind of interest in the industry, but as soon he came into the contact of that background acting company, he realized that this is his career and he started taking acting classes after that.

Austin Butler Net Worth 2018-2019

As he is in this industry for a dozen of years now, he has managed to earn a good amount for him and his family. Most of the young generations kids actually want to know his net worth as most of his characters were loved by children and they all wanted to be like him. SO let’s just not waste more time and dig a lot of more information about him.

Austin Butler Net Worth

As he is an expected salary of $121,000 per year, he is earning huge amount being a very young talented artist. He has been approached by several brands for brand endorsements and with the addition of the money that he gets from endorsements; he makes a good amount of money in a year. Till now his total net worth has reached around $5 million which is a big amount for a very young performer. Young boys and girls don’t even dream about attaining such a huge amount in just 25 years of living. This guy is very talented and with a number of shows and movies in his hands, he will surely take his net worth very high soon.

Although he has served for 12 years in the movie industry, yet he is quite young and he is not getting the kind of work that will gain him a lot more popularity and income. Depending on his low income comparative to others, he hasn’t bought any house, any car or any other asset for him. He might be using the amenities provided by his father till now. There isn’t any house or any car listed on his name till now.

He featured in a number of shows, movies, songs etc. Here are the songs that he sang:
• He performed a song on iCarly, when he was guest starred titled “Whatever my love”.
• He also performed some singles in the Ruby and the Rockits series. These songs were released through ITunes named “Possibilities” with Alexa Vega and “life I love you, Not”
• There were another two songs from the series which were unreleased but sung by Austin.

Here are the movies that he played a role in:

• The Faithful
• Aliens in the Attic
• Sharpay’s fabulous adventure
• My uncle Rafael
• Life in the space
• The Intruders
• Yoga Hosers
• Dude

These were the movies that he did and he got nominated for his roles in some of the movies, here is the list of it:

• He was nominated for the young artist award as the best performance in a feature film – Young Ensemble Cast for his work in Aliens in the Attic.
• He was nominated for the young artist award as the best performance in a TV series (Comedy or drama) – leading Young Actor for his work in Ruby & the Rockits
• He was nominated for the young artist award for best performance in a TV series- guest Starring Young Actor 18-21 for his work in the defenders.

In spite of these movies and nominations, he appeared on a number of TV shows as the main lead, supporting role or even as a guest appearance.

Austin Butler has a very small but very loving family with whom he loves to spend time every time. As he is still single, he loves to spend all the free time he has with his parents and sister only. Here are the family details:

• David butler – father
• Lori butler – Mother
• Ashley Butler – Sister

So this was all that you wanted to know about this young talented artist. With the kind of speed he is moving; he will pick up the speed very quickly and will bring a lot of hike in his net worth in coming years.