Anthony Michael Net Worth

Who is Anthony Michael and what is his net worth 2018? Anthony Michael is not a new face in the entertainment industry. He is a renowned actor, film producer, and director. He has accomplished a lot, and he keeps setting new goals for himself and accomplishing them too. His rise to prominence was during the 80s when he starred in numerous teen-oriented films and became excellent and well known and liked. Anthony Michael is a man that you can get a few career tips from. He is steady in his ways, and you can tell that he prides himself on being the best at what he does. Over the years he has featured in so many films that were a success.

Michael Anthony Hall was born in the year 1968 in April. His mother is called Mercedes, and she raised him after her separation from his father. She was a featured singer. He grew up in New York, and he is of Italian and Irish descent. He has a step-sister from her mother’s second marriage to Thomas Chestaro. He attended St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s School found in New York. He later studied at Professional Children’s School in Manhattan

Anthony Michael Net Worth

Anthony started his acting career while he was very young and his mother was his manager and later his step father. While seven, he starred in commercials that were successful. He featured in cereal adverts, toy adverts, and more. He was part of the theatrical production of The Wake as Steve Allen in 1977. He also appeared in St. Joan of the Microphone.

His screen debut was in 1980 when he featured in The Gold Bug which was a movie that won the Emmy Award. This movie did well, but he did not gain popularity until when he featured in Six Pack. He also featured in National Lampoon’s Vacation which was a great box office hit. In 1984, he featured in Sixteen Candles and received amazing reviews from critics. The following he starred in The Breakfast Club and later in Weird Science. The roles he played gave him nationwide recognition, and he became a hit.

Since his career took a new turn, he has starred in films like Out of Bounds, Ripple, Full Metal Jacket, Edward Scissorhands, In To The Sun, Six Degrees of Separation, Hail Caesar, Who Do I Gotta Kill? And even Pirates of Silicon Valley. In the 2000s, he featured in Hitched, The Caveman’s Valentine, All about the Benjamins, After Math, and The Dark Knight.

Other than films, he has also been featured in many series like Z Nation, Murder in the First, Criss Angel Mindfreak, The Dead Zone, Warehouse, and Community.

Anthony Michael net worth

Anthony is a man who has been around for some time, and he has been able to build his brand. From a tender age to now, he has always proved that he is ready for the task and he never fails to bring his best. Because of his talent, ambition, focus, skills, and dedication, he gets a net worth of $10 million. This figure may be higher.

Anthony Michael is a person who has a lot to offer the entertainment industry. He is talented and very capable of playing any role given to him. He is a still a star that can get the people excited to watch him. His talent is never wasted on set.