Angus T Jones Net Worth 2019

Who is Angus T Jones and what is his net worth 2019? Angus T Jones is the little guy that you used to see on the popular CBS Sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The cute little smile and the chubby face never failed to miss the eyes of the young teenage girls. The show’s successful run for a decade straight made him earn the popularity and fanfare that Jone has today. He began his acting career at a very early age. His very first role was in the 1999 film Simpatico when he was just 5 years old.

Early Life

Jones was born on October 8, 1993 in Austin, Texas. Angus Turner Jones is the son of Kelly Charles Jones and Carey Lynn Claypool. He also has a younger brother named Otto. At four years of age he moved to California. It was his mother who urged him to pursue acting which eventually put him where he is now. He completed his graduation from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Angus T Jones Net Worth


Having begun his acting career at a very young age, he took frequent breaks from school to complete his acting assignments. He did many supporting roles as a child actor in See Spot Run, The Rookie, Bringing Down the House, George of the Jungle 2. Little known fact about Jones is that, he happened to be the very first person who was interviewed for the role of Jake in the show, Two and a Half Men. The crew loved him so much that they straight away offered him the role at which he had remarked, “It was great not having to have an anticipation of a phone call.”

Though he has been earning in thousands and is worth over $17 million, he has a heart to help the needy. In June 2008 he joined stars like Dakota Fanning, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Val Kilmer in support of the First Star Organisation that helps the neglected and abused children. He also supports the anti- bullying alliance Be a Star which has been co-founded by The Creative Coalition and WWE.

Angus T Jones had the most successful 10 years of his career with successful running of the television show – Two and a Half Men. He was earning around $300,000 per episode which is highest sum for any child actor in Hollywood. He joined the management team of Tonite, a multimedia event production company which was started by Justin Combs and Orijoke. The adult story lines and sets were somehow becoming difficult for him to cope up with due to his new found fascination for spirituality. This might have made him think about making a career switch and venturing into a different profession.

His most successful run has been with the American Sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The show has an audience of 15 million which provided him the stardom most of the actors dream of. During his 10 year tenure on the show he won a TV Land Award and two Young Artist awards for his role. He was also presented the Rising Star of 2009 at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Rising Star Gala by his co-star Jon Cryer, from the sitcom Two and a Half Men,

Net Worth of Angus T Jones

Angus T Jones net worth is estimated to be around $17 million. Right after he was selected for the role in Two and a Half Men, Jones signed a guarantee of a $7.9 million for two seasons (26 episodes) of the show with a signing bonus of $500,000. This roughly translated into $250,000 per episode which made him the highest paid child actor in Hollywood. His main source of earnings has been from the show itself. At the peak of his career he was paid $350,000 per episode which translated into $9-10 million a year. In total he has appeared on 213 episodes of the show.

Since 2003, we have seen Jones grow up during the tenure of the popular show, Two and a Half Men. Playing the role of Jake Harper in the show, who lived with his divorced father and Uncle, Jones quickly established himself on television. He has quit acting off late and there is no certainty to it whether we would see him again.