Alton Brown Net Worth

Who is Alton Brown and what is his net worth 2018? Alton Brown is a man that any woman can be lucky to have. This is particularly because of his culinary expertise. I know every woman loves a man that can cook without a doubt and Alton Brown is talented in the kitchen department. Alton is a well-known actor, television personality, cinematographer, author, food show presenter, host, and a commentator. He is a man that has accomplished much in his years and still has more to offer the world. He is popularly known for hosting Good Eats season 14 that airs on the food network, Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, as well as Camp Cutthroat.

Alton Crawford Brown was born in the year 1962 in July. His father was called Alton Brown Sr., and he was the owner of WRWH radio station as well as the publisher of White County News. He studied at the University of Georgia, and he majored in film. He also studied at New England Culinary Institute where he graduated in 1997.

Alton Brown Net Worth

Alton Brown ventured into the cooking show after constantly being dissatisfied by what he saw on TV in the name of cooking shows. To him, it was never up to standard, and that is why he even enrolled at a culinary institution. He wanted to present more up to standard food shows for the people.

In 1998, his pilot for Good Eats was aired by WTTW TV station in Chicago. In the following year, Food Network picked the show because of the great potential it had and its excellence. The last season of the show aired in 2012, season 14. The show received many awards including Peabody Award, and Best T.V Food Journalism award. The sequel to the show is to be released via the internet.

In 2004, he was also the commentator of Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. He was also the play-by-play announcer. He became the host of the series The Next Iron Chef that ran for five seasons. Feasting on Asphalt is also a series that featured Alton whereby he travelled through the United States with his team on motorcycles while sampling foods along with their routes. The second season was called Feasting on Asphalt 2: The River Run and the third season was titled Feasting on Waves that featured Alton cruising through the Caribbean while sampling their local cuisine. This show was equally as successful.

Alton was also the host of Cutthroat Kitchen that aired on Food Network. The series which was a hit and the competitors got to show the world their cooking skills. The series always featured four chefs, and three were eliminated in the course of the show leaving one winner.

Other than his shows, he has been the mentor on The Next Food Network Star. He also guest-starred on SpongeBob SquarePants that airs on Nickelodeon, Kung Fu Panda, MythBusters, The Layover, and others. He also has his podcast, The Alton Browncast. Alton has also released an album called Bitter like Me. Throughout his TV career; he has some awards as mentioned earlier.

Alton Brown net worth

Alton has been on our television screens for quite some time, and we have all benefitted from his time on screen. He is an excellent host and always value quality. If you are interested in culinary studies, then Alton is the guy to look up to. In all the show he stars and has starred, he has attracted a net worth of $15 million.

The Food Network is lucky to have a perfectionist like Alton Brown. He ventured into the cooking show with an agenda of providing the world with quality cooking shows, and we all have seen how he has transformed the cooking show scenario effortlessly.