Alex Mandel Net Worth

Who is Alex Mandel and what is his net worth 2018? Alex Mandel is an America-based actor who was born on September 30th, 1989 in California. He is the son of famous TV personality, Howie Mandel. Alex Mandel is famous for his variety of works done on his YouTube channel. He has more than 4 hundred thousand subscribers to his channel right now.

He is a kind of multi-talented person and he is also known to be a writer, actor, producer and a director for various TV shows, though he has gained much popularity through his YouTube channel only. He has been seen in this line from almost 8 years now. He has been seen TV shows, advertisements and mainly on his Vlog and thus people want to know about his earnings or his net worth actually. So let’s dive deep into his life and know about some hidden facts and figures about him.

Alex Mandel Net Worth 2018-2019

Alex Mandel Net Worth

Though he has worked as actor, director, producer and screenwriter altogether, yet he was unable to impress lots of people with his skills. But now with his YouTube channel, he has managed to win lots of appreciation for his work and he got famous throughout the world with his work on YouTube only. He got lots of brand endorsements in his hand after he got famous and thus he managed to gather some sort of money for his bank accounts.

Being the son of a famous personality, you are always in a pressure to do as good as your father. Though he is not doing that good yet, but we feel he has the talent to fill his Dad’s shoes. Right now the total net worth of Alex Mandel is near about $700 thousand. Though this is not a huge amount, but it is huge for a person who has managed to gather attraction only through the video he posts on YouTube. He has the ability to make big money in future and he will definitely make a big name for him.

Being a celebrity, or a star kid, everybody loves to enjoy lavishness if they are full of money. However, there are a few people who rather love to live a simple life. Alex Mandel though is still in his young age and will definitely love to enjoy every kind of lavishness in his life. But right now he is not earning as big amount as he should be, being a star kid and that is why there isn’t any kind of property listed in his name yet.

Also, there isn’t any kind of reports found of him owning a car or other asset. Though we are sure that this star does have a car, but it may be possible that the car might be gifted to him by somebody else. The star needs to travel a long way in his career as there are lots of expectations from him.

As he is the son of famous TV personality Howie Mandel, his TV career started very early and he was first seen in 2005 in his father’s short TV series named ‘Hidden Howie – The private life of a public nuisance’. He had a short role in the show to start his acting career with. Next, he was seen in another show that called ‘Howie do it’.

It was a comedy series and his father was starring in this series. In 2013, he went on to get his first major role as he got to play Derrick in the film ‘Killer Holiday’ which was a horror film. He did his directorial debut with ‘Odd Jobs’ in 2014, which was a TV series that was written by him as well.

As he is a full-time Youtuber now and merely does some commercials or TV shows with it, he gets to spend lots of time with family and friends. He is very lucky to have a father like Howie Mandel who always supported him professionally as well as personally. Here are the full details about his family:

• Howie Mandel – Father
• Terry Mandel – Mother
• Jackie Mandel – Sister
• Riley Mandel – Sister

So this was everything that one needs to know about famous YouTube prankster and actor Alex Mandel. You will get to see a huge hike in his net worth in the coming time for sure.