Adam Saleh Net Worth

Adam Saleh is acknowledged as an American based YouTube personality, actor, rapper and vlogger, from New York. He is finest recognized for his YouTube videos that he posts. This celebrity has been described by himself as well as several other sources in form of a prankster. Net worth of Adam Saleh is high though he is young, get further details below:

Birthplace of Adam Saleh is New York, born to Yemeni based parents. He initially appeared in a high school and later attended a college of criminal justice. He began preparing YouTube based videos during year 2012 as share of his YouTube channel entitled “TrueStoryASA” along with his friends of college namely Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar. He collaborated with a YouTuber to prepare a song named Eid is Here.

Adam Saleh Net Worth 2017-2018

Apart from this, he became member of other collaborative based channel entitled as “3MH” in association with Karim Metwaly, Sheikh Akbar, and Slim Albaher. TrueStoryASA as well as 3MH divided in year 2015. Since then he has prepared several videos in form of a solo YouTuber.

Moreover, he too performed in American based buddy comedy-drama based action movie entitled as American Sharia. He initially launched single entitled as “Diamond Girl” in year 2015 highlighting Mumzy Stranger and Sheikh Akbar as a member of TrueStoryASA. In the same year, he too launched his debut based solo single entitled as “Tears” presenting Zack Knight as a compliment to his cousin.

A theatrical video entitled “Racial Profiling Experiment'” posted on YouTube channel of Saleh in year 2014 turned viral all over the world. In that video, Saleh as well as Sheikh Akbar claimed with one another in presence of a police officer putting western based clothing however the cop overlooked them.

Soon afterwards, they again fight while outfitted in Muslim type of clothes however this time this cop halts them as well as acts crudely with them. The particular video attained over 200,000 views on platform of YouTube as well as it was too chosen by media. Reaction of public to that video was in opposition to police officer.

Afterwards, Adam Saleh stated that this video was performed to re-form prior events which took place and it was demonstrated in form of an example. The New York chapter of the Council on American–Islamic Relations (briefly as CAIR), which earlier mentioned this video as an instance of discernment against Muslims, claimed a confession from Akbar and Saleh.

It mentioned that Muslims are previously below microscope and to accomplish this simply to attain some low-level publicity is completely intolerable. Moreover, it added that there must be no effort to defend it. They must simply make an apology and request people to pardon them for its irresponsible conducts.

In other YouTube based video, Saleh asserted to have flown within one suitcase in luggage hold on a Tigerair flying from Melbourne towards Sydney. Though, Melbourne Airport security videotape established that this event was essentially false after they created video demonstrating Salah lodging the plane through the airline noticing that one bag of his weight cannot be lodged onto the plane in absence of examination nor will a traveller in the airplane’s unheated shipment possess emerge dripping.

How much is Adam Saleh Net worth in 2017

Adam Saleh has earned huge amount of money from YouTube payments, however he has too grossed money out of appearances. These appearances include one for Scotland Yard, which achieved around $100,000. Moreover, he has too accomplished speaking engagements as well as TV show based appearances (for instance, on Ellen).

On platform of YouTube, this celebrity has around 700 million views over all of his channels. Amongst all of his YouTube channels, this celebrity has around 5 million followers. As of 2017, he has an estimated net worth of $2.8 million US dollars.

Adam Saleh’s YouTube videos are found to be informative and interesting as well to most of the users worldwide. This celebrity too possesses huge number of followers on social platforms like Twitter and many such social platforms.